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Patrick Baudisch, Microsoft Research
Gonzalo Ramos, University of Toronto

Message from Patrick and Gonzalo

Gonzalo Ramos Patrick Baudish Congratulations on having your paper, note, or experience report accepted at CHI 2007 In addition to your actual presentation we would like you to give a 30-second preview of your paper at CHI Madness . CHI Madness is a single track event with no competing sessions. It is your chance to present to the entire CHI audience and to get people excited about your talk. Last year, 177 out of 180 authors participated in CHI Madness and each session attracted over a thousand attendees. Here is a sample of last year's CHI Madness presentationsexternal link.

Coordinating 200 authors is not easy and we need your help. Here are your action items.

1. By April the 7th, please send us slides or video for your 30-second CHI Madness presentation

Getting your idea across is easy with the right visual material. Many presenters choose a single slide, others use multiple auto-advancing slides or a video (CHI Madness Example Galleryexternal link). Due to the logistics of Madness you will not have control over the timing of the slides. If you use multiple slides, you need to preprogram them to advance automatically and to finish within 30 seconds. To minimize time loss between presentations, we will compile all slides into four master slide decks - one for each day. Please send us your CHI Madness material in PowerPoint format, as a single 30-second video clip, or as a zip file with one or more 1024x768 pixels gif/jpeg/png images.

To help us with the logistics, please name your deck


such as


Email your Madness presentation to Thank you!

2. Meet us 20 minutes before your Madness session at the stage

Your CHI Madness presentation will take place the same day as your paper, note, or experience report presentation (look here to determine what day(s) you are on). We will all meet 20 minutes before the beginning of the session at the stage of the plenary. We will tell you in what order to present and you will be assigned a seat in the first row according to presentation order. Here is when to meet us:

Monday April 30: meet us at 8:10am at the stage (presentations start at 10am, but being part of the opening plenary we need to meet before that starts)

Tuesday May 1: meet us at 9:40am at the stage (presentations start at 10:00am)

Wednesday May 2: meet us at 9:40am at the stage (presentations start at 10:00am)

Thursday May 3: meet us at 8:10am at the stage (presentations start at 8:30am)

3. Give your 30-second presentation

CHI Madness is supposed to be fast paced, but we will make sure it won't get hectic. Five presentations ahead of yours, please get up and in line at the stage. While the person right before you speaks get onto the stage. Be ready to take over the moment he or she finishes. Your slides will be visible for exactly 30 seconds; this is the time you have to get to the microphone and to present. There are many ways to give a great CHI Madness presentation; we already pointed you to the CHI Madness Example Galleryexternal link. The slide deck will be set to auto advance, so you cannot run over - it would take time away from the following presenter. You can finish early though, in which case we will advance the deck for you.

Thank you for working on this with us. If you have questions, please free to email us at

We are looking forward to your presentation!

Patrick Baudisch & Gonzalo Ramos
CHI 2007 Madness Co-chairs